For a Healthy Future: Strategies for Life


1: Make sure to eat organically grown foods, preferably grown locally. Organic farming uses farming techniques that support the natural cycles of the Earth. Chemical fertilizers and sprays are not used in Organic farming. Genetically modified seeds are also prohibited in Organic farming practices. Instead of spraying genetically modified seeds (GMO's) with a chemical spray specific for its modified DNA, natural farming methods are used. Techniques such as soil re-mineralization from beneficial insects, strategic planting and crop rotations produce food richer in vitamins, minerals and a wide array of other nutrients. The offspring is healthier foods for healthier people. Organic food also tastes better. Abstain from foods with fake colors, fake flavors and harmful chemical preservatives. Many have been shown to cause cancer in lab studies.


2: Support your body's natural ability to stay healthy by eating foods rich in chlorophyll and other immune stimulating compounds. Superfoods, Superfood oils and culinary herbs and spices provide the body with ample minerals and other nutritional components to support healthy cellular activity. They carry active nutritional elements that work to stimulate our natural immunities. They also contain anti-microbial properties that protect us against infection from disease causing micro-organisms. Superfoods act as tools for disease prevention. Read more about these rich sources of plant medicine in  Introduction to Superfoods. 


3: Fresh, raw juices carry life-giving properties. They are rich in chlorophyll, nicknamed "trapped sunlight". The chlorophyll contained in fresh pressed juice helps oxygenate the body on a cellular level. Oxygen is needed by the cells for every physiological  function. Every cell of the body must "breathe".  Incorporating fresh, organic raw juice into the diet is a simple way to support the natural strength of the human body. Fresh juice is best enjoyed 20 minutes or less after juicing in order to preserve its maximum enzymatic life force activity.