MAY 2019:  Friday Night School 6-8:30PM

Mainstream awareness of the vital role nutrition plays in the human body is increasing. "Global Green" is becoming a strong part of urban culture and people are doing what it takes to live healthy. Learn the A-B-C's of healthy living in a modern world. Discover medicinal and nutritive plants, Nature's complete pharmacy.


Week One:

Creating Healthy Indoor Air

Counteracting EMF's

Sprouting and Countertop Gardening

Plants and Humans: A Symbiotic Relationship

The Power of Chlorophyll: Juicing for Health


Week Two:

Introduction to Internal Cleansing

Introduction to Raw Food Nutrition

Introduction to Superfoods

Introduction to Whole Foods

Introduction to the History of Herbal Medicine


Week Three:

Organic Farming vrs. Commercial Farming

Exploring Oxygen,The Lymphatic System and Exercise

Reversing Gravity: Slant Boards and Inverted Exercise

Water: New Discoveries and Ancient Wisdom

Avoiding Heavy Metal and Chemical Toxicity


Week Four:

Brain Foods: Foods for a Healthy Head

Foods that Support Healthy Metabolism

Foods and Herbs for a Strong Immune System

Mind Over Matter: Discoveries in Thought

Creative Energy, Health and Our Personal Truth


JUNE 2019


TIME: 10-2PM

Beginner's Organic Foods Chef Training Workshop


Week One:

Introduction to Organic Foods: Hands on Demo and Tasting

Shopping: Health Food Stores and the Farmer's Market

A-B-C's of Raw Food Cuisine

Hands On: Making Pies

Herbs and Spices: Nature's Medicine Cabinet


Week Two:

Dips and Spreads

Sauces and Salad Dressing

Superfood Salads

Superfood Smoothies

Ten Top Superfoods


Week Three:



Side Dishes


Shakes and Tonics      

Party and Graduation



To register for workshops, please fill out the contact form below. Include your contact email and phone number, as well as the name of the workshop you are enrolling in. Tuition payment is required upon registration.




Organic foods are a product of time and evolution. It took 4.5 billion years to get to where we are at today. Pure, whole foods have survived the changes of time and strengthen our bodies to survive the changes of time as well.

Nature works in our favor by providing us with spices and flavors that strengthen our body while inspiring our taste buds! Let's get in the kitchen and get at it! It's time to explore the healthiest and best tasting cuisine on the planet. Unlock the mystery.